Absolut Originals.

Here is a few of the original ads I've made. I found pictures online and edited them with Paint Shop Pro. Please email me ideas you have for original ads and I'll try to make them for you.

The ads I have made:

Absolut Alamo. (Version 1)
Absolut Alamo. (Version 2)
Absolut Alcatraz. (Black & White Version)
Absolut Alcatraz. (Color Version)
Absolut Antarctica.
Absolut Camden.
Absolut Chernobyl.
Absolutely Drunk. (1 bottle)
Absolutely Drunk. (3 bottles)
Absolut Graffiti.
Absolut Italy.
Absolut Navigation.
Absolut New York. (King Kong)
Absolut Taj Mahal.


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