Links to other sections of my website:

The Absolut Ad section of my website
Here you will find a list of all my Absolut ads, doubles and my favorite Absolut oriented websites. If you're an Absolut ad collector, you MUST see this section.
The Telemarketer Humor section of my website
Here you will find out how to play the "Telemarket game" and more. If you want laugh a you have to check out this section.
The section of my page that has links to sites that don't fit into any of the above catagories
Here's your link to cool sites!

E-mail me if you would like me to add a free link to your website on my links page or in a section that is most appropriate for your site. Thank you.

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I'd like to thak the following people with ideas and a little HTML help:

Reuven, Jon and Michael for putting up with me when I'd show up at their house to use their computer

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Let's see: 1,2,3...people have loved this site!!!